Alset EHomes $AEI – a small-cap real estate business developing the Tesla E-Home – is here to stay. Investing early could generate some serious ROI in years to come!

Today, I am going to speak with those of you reading this article about Tesla. There is a bit of a twist though. The focus isn’t going to be on Elon and his Dogecoin shenanigans, nor about the latest Model S. I am going to educate you guys on a project that I believe is a must-know for EV & cleantech investors – Alset EHomes and community development.

Alset, that’s an anagram for Tesla, right?

Yeah, you are spot on. As many of you Tesla enthusiasts may know, Elon is very enthusiastic about his solar roofing and solar panelling projects. There is one hindrance though – Elon is a very busy man. I mean spearheading his SpaceX projects and running Tesla has got to be a mission, right?

Well, Elon has a very handy business contact, named Mr Chan. He is a serial multi-billionaire entrepreneur with 45 years of growing successful businesses, of which 5 are currently bringing in over $1bn per annum. Huge numbers.

Where am I going with this?

Mr Chan is the Chairman of Alset EHomes $AEI, a company that is the future of healthy sustainable living.

In partnership with Tesla directly, they are going to be developing the official Tesla E-Home and Tesla community projects. What they have in-store is truly remarkable.

For a start, each home will come with a Tesla.

You’re sold already, am I right? For real though, it goes far beyond this – these homes will be equipped with complete Tesla tech, including solar roofing, solar panels and power walls. People living in Los Angeles have saved over $2000 on electricity bills with these panels installed, in just a year.

Aslet EHome $AEI will also be building large on-site solar farms to help generate power for the community, removing the need for a traditional power plant. This is a great passive income for both the business and homeowners directly as they are able to earn money on electricity by selling excess energy back to the grid. The homes will be generating more power than they need due to the energy efficiency of the Tesla tech, allowing for this to happen.

The technology in Alset EHomes will be a vision of the future, brought to reality by this amazing partnership.

Built into each home will be Paradigm boxes which are designed to suck in air and blowback out friendly oxidisers, that will eliminate pathogens, viruses and bacteria in the air and on all touchable surfaces – this is a non-chemical process that is safe and proven.

As we all know, Elon Musk is a visionary, something that no doubt he and Mr Chan have in common. This project is about more than just building smart tech E-Homes, it’s about building a community of like-minded people, conscientious of the future.

In the modern world, humans have become much more woke to what we consume and put into our bodies – it’s clear that Elon believes good health and sustainable living come hand in hand and I believe there is a lot of truth in that.

Each community will have its organic farms, set up to provide healthy and locally grown fruits and vegetables, educate children on organic farming and the reasons why vertical farming is the future.

It doesn’t stop here though!

Alset EHomes $AEI developers will be leading build projects of community courtyards for socialising, cafes, children’s clubs, meditation centres with spas and even social and business event venues.

The first community is already being built in Black Oak, Texas. Conveniently located near to SpaceX and Tesla. There are plans in place to build 740 community homes and whilst this will be their first proven site, we know it works and Alset will be the first company to combine all this extraordinary technology on a large scale real estate project.

The part you have all been waiting for… Is Alset EHomes stock public?

Yeah they are, under the ticker $AEI

Alset Ehomes $AEI stock went public in November 2020 at $7, before rallying to highs of $29. The stock is now priced at $5.50, following an offering and an extreme level of short interest.

Boasting a small 52 million market cap, it’s fair to say that this stock could definitely rally. Its previous all-time high showing evidence of this, right?

I initially found this stock when looking for day/swing trades and after research, I have become fascinated by their model.

Given its current undervalued price, I believe this could be a great investment.

No doubt there are lots of upcoming catalysts to keep an eye out for. That followed by PR should bring back the momentum this stock previously had before its sell-off. The Alset Ehomes $AEI stock is here to stay and investing early can bring huge ROI in a few years time.

Please note that I am not a financial advisor and this is merely an opinion.

Thanks for taking the time to read my second article – I look forward to producing more soon!

Josh Craven @bvllish_trader on Twitter.

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