What is Blockchain?

Crypto Mortgages

Blockchain technology is a decentralised, distributed ledger (or database). Blockchain at its simplest is, a record of transactions made on and secured by a network.
It consists of three elements: the record; the block and the chain.

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Introduction to Mortgages

default Mortgages

A mortgage is a form of a loan that is specific for the purchasing, building, or maintaining of a property.

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FCA confirms support for mortgage borrowers affected by the pandemic until 31st March 2021

Loans Mortgages

The FCA published new guidance for mortgage customers that allows those affected by the pandemic to apply for a new payment holiday until 31st March 2021.

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Why are mortgage transactions taking so long? Plus would new technology such as blockchain, help speed things up?


Why are transactions taking so long to go through? Demand is making mortgage companies particularly slow at the moment, and what’s also apparent, is mortgage products are not as favourable as compared to 12 months ago.

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