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Canadian National Makes $30 Billion Topping Bid for Kansas City Southern - WSJ

The offer is likely to kick off a bidding war for a railroad operator that has already agreed to a sale to another Canadian rival.

Biden’s Big Infrastructure Plan Would Further Boost Renewable Energy - WSJ

The president’s plan would supercharge an already booming clean-power sector by expanding subsidies and addressing key bottlenecks impeding the shift to a greener grid.

Biden to split massive spending plan in two. focusing first on infrastructure - MarketWatch

President Joe Biden will lay out the first part of his multitrillion-dollar economic recovery package this week. focusing on rebuilding roads. bridges and...

Value stocks are so in favor they’ve become momentum stocks - MarketWatch

Its the holy grail of quant investing. these analysts enthuse: cheap stocks with great earnings momentum. which in turn drives outperformance.

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