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A Year Without Student-Loan Payments

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unexpected relief for millions of borrowers. Here is how some of them were affected.

Buying a Home in the Pandemic? Family Members Team Up on Bids

With real-estate prices rising and concerns about Covid-19 lingering, more buyers are moving in with their parents and siblings.

Visa Faces Antitrust Investigation Over Debit-Card Practices

The Justice Department's antitrust division is asking whether Visa, the largest U.S. card network, has limited merchants' ability to route debit-card transactions over card networks that are often less expensive.

NFTs: The Method to the Madness of a $69 Million Art Sale

‘Nonfungible tokens' could solve problems that have dogged the art world and other markets for centuries. Still, some buyers may be getting a bit too enthusiastic.

Sorry, Honey, It's Not You, It's Travel

In a recent survey from trivago, consumers say they will give up just about anything—even sex—to travel right now.

Inflation Might Hold Back Dollar's Rebound

As interest rates have shot upward, the U.S. dollar's continued weakness is something of a puzzle. Fear of rising inflation is partly to blame.

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