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CEOs Speak About the Economy. the World Reopening. Crypto and More - WSJ

The leaders of Citigroup. Delta and IBM. among others. discuss how business is evolving. as Covid-19 vaccinations roll out.

European Union Aims for Clarity in Murky World of Sustainable Investing - WSJ

The European Union put forward a package of measures that took aim at the patchy data available around sustainable investing. as U.S. banks brace for more ESG regulation at home and abroad.

Canadian National Makes $30 Billion Topping Bid for Kansas City Southern - WSJ

The offer is likely to kick off a bidding war for a railroad operator that has already agreed to a sale to another Canadian rival.

Chinese Asset Manager’s Bonds Recover After Selloff - WSJ

A steep selloff affecting tens of billions of dollars of offshore debt from China Huarong Asset Management has partially reversed. after comments from the banking regulator helped reassure investors.

BlackRock Profit Jumps on Broader Pandemic Recovery - WSJ

The world’s largest money manager posts a profit of $1.2 billion and sees assets under management rise to $9 trillion.

Chinese Asset Manager Suffers Bond Selloff After Delaying Results - WSJ

Debt from one of China’s biggest asset managers has plunged in value. sending tremors through the market for U.S. dollar bonds of Chinese companies.

Investment Giants Lobby to Avoid Antitrust Scrutiny - WSJ

Government officials want to remove blind spots in how they monitor influential investors’ impact on everyday consumers. and the asset-management industry is pushing back.

BlackRock Must Hit ESG Targets or Pay More to Borrow Money - WSJ

The money manager and its lenders tied costs around a $4.4 billion credit facility to BlackRock’s diversity and sustainability goals.

Norway’s Stock Investing Behemoth Signals Shift to Active Management - WSJ

Portfolio managers at the world’s largest sovereign-wealth fund will focus less on the macroeconomic environment or factors like growth. and more on assessing individual companies.

SoftBank to Take 40% Stake in Norway’s AutoStore - WSJ

The parties are discussing a deal that would value the warehouse-automation company at nearly $8 billion including debt.

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