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How Qatar Airways. With Its Covid-19 Playbook. Dethroned Emirates as Biggest Long-Haul Airline - WSJ

When Covid-19 hobbled the global travel industry. the Gulf carrier added destinations. hired extra staff and kept flying quiet routes to win market share from Emirates.

American Express Says Travel. Entertainment Spending Improving - WSJ

The credit-card company is seeing consumer spending start to normalize as Covid-19 vaccinations pick up in the U.S.

CEOs Speak About the Economy. the World Reopening. Crypto and More - WSJ

The leaders of Citigroup. Delta and IBM. among others. discuss how business is evolving. as Covid-19 vaccinations roll out.

Corporate Bond Gauge Signals Dwindling Economic Risk - WSJ

A key measure of the perceived risk in low-rated corporate bonds is hovering around its lowest level in more than a decade. highlighting investors’ mounting confidence in the economic outlook.

Canadian National Makes $30 Billion Topping Bid for Kansas City Southern - WSJ

The offer is likely to kick off a bidding war for a railroad operator that has already agreed to a sale to another Canadian rival.

Stocks Close Lower as Earnings Season Ramps Up - WSJ

The Dow and S&P 500 closed lower. extending their losses as investors assess blue-chip companies’ profits and sales prospects.

Kansas City Southern. IBM. Dover. United Airlines: What to Watch When the Stock Market Opens Today - WSJ

Netflix and Harley-Davidson are among the companies due to report quarterly results.

What Is Dogecoin. How to Say It and Why It’s No Longer a Joke (Thanks. Elon!) - WSJ

The cryptocurrency that Tesla chief Elon Musk is fond of tweeting about was created for laughs. serves no purpose and is now worth more than Delta Air Lines and Peloton.

Alcoa. DraftKings. PPG. Morgan Stanley: What to Watch When the Stock Market Opens Today - WSJ

Stock futures ticked higher after the Dow and S&P 500 reached record closes.

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