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Wild Market Ride Lifts Everything From Lumber to Stocks to Bitcoin - WSJ

Rarely have so many assets been up this much at once. The frenzy has extended far beyond conventional markets tracked by Wall Street firms.

Bitcoin Mania Helps Fund’s Returns. But Crypto Push Leads to Downgrade - WSJ

Morningstar said the Emerald Advisers fund was taking on too much cryptocurrency risk.

Restaurants Serve Up Signing Bonuses. Higher Pay to Win Back Workers - WSJ

Restaurants from McDonald’s and IHOP to high-end dining are struggling to find enough job applicants to fill thousands of openings.

GameStop’s CEO Is Getting Millions on His Way Out. He’s Not the Only One. - WSJ

The rally in the videogame retailer’s share price has provided an unusual boost in the value of stock awards for departing executives.

How Qatar Airways. With Its Covid-19 Playbook. Dethroned Emirates as Biggest Long-Haul Airline - WSJ

When Covid-19 hobbled the global travel industry. the Gulf carrier added destinations. hired extra staff and kept flying quiet routes to win market share from Emirates.

Tesla. Apple and Amazon Headline a Heavy Earnings Week - WSJ

More than a third of the S&P 500 are expected to report their quarterly results in the coming week. as companies detail how the reopening world is affecting their businesses.

SPAC Surge Pumps Up Junk-Bond Market - WSJ

Some SPACs are targeting companies with below-investment-grade credit ratings; not since the two decades ago has stock-market enthusiasm been hot enough to fuel such activity in debt markets.

TD Ameritrade Wins Legal Battle Over Handling of Investors’ Orders - WSJ

A federal appeals court rejects a proposed class-action lawsuit from investors who accused the brokerage of securities fraud.

Behind Bitcoin’s Recent Slide: Imploding Bets and Forced Liquidations - WSJ

The recent drop in the price of bitcoin suggests the digital currency’s yearlong rally might finally be running out of steam.

How to Have More Police Shootings - WSJ

Conformity today means you can’t be both against police misconduct and against resisting arrest.

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