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What history tells you about post-pandemic booms | The Economist

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The answer depends on how you calculate growth | Finance & economics

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But the success of the cryptoexchange is not guaranteed | Finance & economics

Janet Yellen calls for a global minimum tax on companies. Could it happen? | The Economist

Many countries want to link a deal to the trickier issue of taxing rights on profits | Finance & economics

What if Europe’s fiscal largesse were as generous as America’s? | The Economist

America’s rapid recovery from covid-19 offers a glimpse of what could be | Finance & economics

The economics of falling populations | The Economist

A shrinking global population could slow technological progress | Finance & economics

Trade inflows in Asia fuel debate over currency intervention | The Economist

Foreign-exchange reserves are both an insurance policy and a lightning rod for criticism | Finance & economics

Just how anchored are America’s inflation expectations? | The Economist

The legacy of the Biden stimulus—and of Jerome Powell—may depend on the answer | Finance & economics

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