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Bitcoin Mania Helps Fund’s Returns. But Crypto Push Leads to Downgrade - WSJ

Morningstar said the Emerald Advisers fund was taking on too much cryptocurrency risk.

Restaurants Serve Up Signing Bonuses. Higher Pay to Win Back Workers - WSJ

Restaurants from McDonald’s and IHOP to high-end dining are struggling to find enough job applicants to fill thousands of openings.

How Qatar Airways. With Its Covid-19 Playbook. Dethroned Emirates as Biggest Long-Haul Airline - WSJ

When Covid-19 hobbled the global travel industry. the Gulf carrier added destinations. hired extra staff and kept flying quiet routes to win market share from Emirates.

TD Ameritrade Wins Legal Battle Over Handling of Investors’ Orders - WSJ

A federal appeals court rejects a proposed class-action lawsuit from investors who accused the brokerage of securities fraud.

How to Have More Police Shootings - WSJ

Conformity today means you can’t be both against police misconduct and against resisting arrest.

Stocks Rise. but Decline for the Week - WSJ

Sentiment wavered this week between concerns about new waves of Covid-19 infections around the world and optimism prompted by promising economic data.

Netflix’s Movie Chief Wants to Conquer the Oscars - WSJ

The streaming giant’s movie chief on why the awards matter to Netflix. post-pandemic movie-watching and which A-list director he’s trying to coax into a film deal

CEOs Speak About the Economy. the World Reopening. Crypto and More - WSJ

The leaders of Citigroup. Delta and IBM. among others. discuss how business is evolving. as Covid-19 vaccinations roll out.

JPMorgan Apologizes for Role in Soccer Super League - WSJ

The U.S. banking giant had pledged $4 billion to finance the teams joining the breakaway European competition.

Greensill’s Australian Parent Placed Into Liquidation - WSJ

The Australian parent of Greensill was placed into liquidation following a meeting of creditors owed nearly $1.33 billion when the supply-chain finance business became insolvent .

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