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Why Barclays Is One of the Year’s Best-Performing Bank Stocks - WSJ

Activity in the U.K. lender’s investment banking arm is spurring the recovery. a vindication for Chief Executive Jes Staley.

Coinbase Fetches $85 Billion Valuation in Market Debut - WSJ

The cryptocurrency exchange is the first major bitcoin-focused company to test the U.S. public market. marking a watershed moment for an industry that began a decade ago as an experiment in digital money.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin Prices Soar to Records as Coinbase Lists - WSJ

Prices surged to record highs as the coming listing of the largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange propelled interest in digital assets.

Goldman Sachs Profit Rises Sharply on Strong Trading. Deal Making - WSJ

The bank reported record profit and revenue in the first quarter. benefiting from a turbocharged market and an economic recovery.

Wall Street Businesses Power Goldman. JPMorgan to Record Earnings - WSJ

Madcap markets and a blank-check boom kept bankers busy in the first quarter. and more deals are waiting in the wings.

Bernie Madoff Dead at 82; Disgraced Investor Ran Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History - WSJ

The onetime chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market and a fixture on Wall Street for decades shocked the world in December 2008 when he confessed his investment business was a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

Credit Suisse. After Archegos. Faces Tough Choices on Investment Bank - WSJ

Credit Suisse’s investment bank is the Swiss lender’s profit engine. But after the Archegos and Greensill meltdowns. it is expected to be scaled back for safety.

Investment Giants Lobby to Avoid Antitrust Scrutiny - WSJ

Government officials want to remove blind spots in how they monitor influential investors’ impact on everyday consumers. and the asset-management industry is pushing back.

As China’s stockmarket corrects. regulators try doing less | The Economist

So far. they have avoided heavy-handed intervention | Finance & economics

BlackRock Must Hit ESG Targets or Pay More to Borrow Money - WSJ

The money manager and its lenders tied costs around a $4.4 billion credit facility to BlackRock’s diversity and sustainability goals.

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