Cryptocurrency is the most recent and novel approach to spend, transfer and invest money online. Invented as a way to decentralise the online money exchanges, cryptocurrencies upset the global financial market by ‘cutting the middlemen’ out of the equation through a new technology called blockchain. This essentially means that money transfers can be done through peer-to-peer technology, bypassing institutions. It is decentralised, thus allowing people to swap money directly with no middle-man involved; banks, building societies, governments or organisations. Below is a list of our top 10 choices for trading cryptocurrencies.

Coinrule – Coinrule lets you automate your investments across platforms to protect your funds and catch the next market opportunity. They offer Automated Trading for Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, Binance Futures, Coinbase Pro, Kraken and many others.

CryptoTrader.Tax – CryptoTrader.Tax integrates directly with your favourite cryptocurrency platforms to make it easy to import your historical transactions. Whether you’re trading, mining, staking, or earning interest, you’ll be able import your transactions and calculate your taxes with ease

Tap.Global – TAP is offering investors the opportunity to invest into an early stage FinTech business, that is set to disrupt the digital payments space with their multi currency offering that allows users to utilise Cryptocurrencies without the existing restrictions within the marketplace.