A credit report provides the lender a holistic view on how you manage your money, your credit cards, overdrafts, loans and whether you make your repayments on time – which we know is key to increasing anyone credit score over time.

For lenders, when you apply for a product and they run a check they’re simply looking at you on the risk scale – from low risk to high risk – so essentially they are attempting to predict your future behaviour, based on your past behaviour when related to credit.

Below are M&ID’s choices for credit scoring platforms.

ExperianOver 7 Million People Trust Experian For Their Credit Score. Join Them And Get Yours. Experian Is The UK’s Most Trusted Credit Score Provider. Find Out Yours For Free. No Hidden Costs. Know Where You Stand. No trials, Free Forever. Get Started In Minutes.

Money SupermarketCompare Deals Or Get A Quote At MoneySuperMarket. Find The Best Deal For You! Tailored Quotes. Free comparison service. Save Time & Money. Types: Car Insurance, Credit Cards, Energy, Personal Loans, Travel Insurance.

Credit Karma offers you access to your credit report free for life – not just 30 days – and helps you put your credit rating to good use. We search the market to find you some of the best credit cards and loans that fit your credit profile.

Credit Strong is a reliable way to build credit and grow savings. Don’t just build credit, build a down payment. Apply now. No credit score required.  Credit Strong is a division of Austin Capital Bank, a 5-star rated independent community bank and member of the FDIC. They have grown to be one of the preeminent community banks in Central Texas and a national leader in responsible financial services innovation.

Totally Money is a free credit score website puts the consumer first, making sure that lenders are honest and you get what you are looking for.

  • Make sense of your credit report – We tell you how your past affects you today, and how to make better choices for your future
  • Always up-to-date score – They show you your most recent credit score happenings, so you can track any changes in real time.
  • See your best offers – They search high and low for offers that best match your credit rating, and show you how likely you are to get them.

Credit SesameAdrian Nazari founded Credit Sesame after the last financial crisis to help consumers improve their financial health by giving them free access to their credit score for the first time ever. At the time, the major credit bureaus charged consumers as much as $10 each time they wanted to see their own credit data. After months of negotiating and advocating for consumer transparency, Adrian secured a contract with one of the credit bureaus to provide free credit scores to consumers—a groundbreaking milestone and the spark of a new era of personal finance that empowers consumers to take charge of their own financial health.

Clearscore is a British financial technology business founded in July 2015, by Justin Basini, Nigel Morris and Dan Cobley. It was the first company in the United Kingdom to provide free credit scores and reports, along with advice to help consumers make better financial decisions.

UK Credit Ratings offers its customers the ability to understand, monitor, and check their credit report and score. They are part of a much larger worldwide business that provides millions of consumers with their Credit Report & Score.